Wooden Snacks and Sweets Food Cart – Great Imaginative Play For Kids

Wooden Snacks and Sweets Food Cart

Melissa & Doug Wooden Snacks and Sweets Food Cart

Another great toy from Melissa and Doug and this time it is the Wooden Snacks and Sweets Food Cart which is just another one your kids will be eager to have. They will be having great fun preparing snacks and serving them.

So, here as you can see in the picture above, is a rolling and reversible ice cream and hot dog cart. It is a very interesting toy which will encourage imaginative play for kids. The more they will play with it, the greater fun there will be. 

Melissa & Doug toys are one of the most wished toys and they are affordable too. You will find that they are so easy to play with and at the same time your kids will learn a lot.

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Wooden Snacks and Sweets Food Cart

This Wooden Snacks and Sweets Food Cart includes over 40 exciting play food pieces. It also features pull-out drawers, working bell, sliding see-through doors and reversible awning. You don’t worry, it is not like those toy which are easily broken. This one is made of sturdy wooden construction. You can get yours here.

 Imaginative play

Your kids will be so happy and eager to serve their friends as these snacks and sweets are just like the ones real food vendors use. They will be able to play vendor and customer with this sturdy wooden rolling cart.

The reversible awning and flip-able, reusable sign turns the cart into either a hot dog or ice cream stand.

Realistic Play Food Pieces

It has more than 40 realistic play food pieces such as hot dogs, buns, pretzels, condiments, drinks for the hot dog stand, popsicles, ice cream cones with toppings, ice cream sandwiches for  sweet dessert treats and more.

Kids Discovery and Development

When kids will serve up the savory and sweet treats for themselves and friends, they will build countless developmental skills. They will be able to discover fun details like ketchup and mustard containers that squeeze out yarn toppings, and popsicles that stick together and pull apart with self-stick tabs.

By taking orders, this will help them in their letter and number skills and also develop their memories and imaginative play. While they play with this toy, you will be able to watch their confidence and self-esteem grow. You will be able to see how they learn to organize items, place and take food orders, and create delicious-looking snacks. 

This multi-purpose cart is indeed a great way to create expressions in your kids and also help them to solve problems and develop their skills. So, don’t hesitate to get this Wooden Snacks and Sweets Food Cart for your kids. You can have it here.

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Latches Wooden Activity Board For The Creativity Of Your Kids

Latches Wooden Activity Board

Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity Board

Melissa and Doug toys are very famous and affordable too just like this Latches Wooden Activity Board which I am going to share with you today. These toys are very effective for kids as they learn a lot from them. Being constructive and educative too, kids will have the opportunity to increase their creativity talents.

I am sure you will want your kids to play and along with that learn too. In fact, playing and learning must be connected so that kids won’t get bored easily. The greatest way to expand the kids’ learning system is by giving them creative toys. Melissa & Doug Latches Activity Board is one of them.

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Latches Wooden Activity Board

This Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity Board you are seeing in the picture below is for kids of 3 years and up. The play board challenges inquisitive youngsters to figure out how six different latches work. Kids will have great fun with it and will be able to be busy for hours.

The smooth-sanded solid-wood board features fun surprises behind the opening doors and windows. This Latches Wooden Activity Board is a treasured gift for kids. It helps to build fine and gross motor skills while little ones discover vibrant colors, numbers, animals and more.

Why to choose this toy?

First of all, it is a wonderful toy to play with. Your kids can hook, snap, click and slide to unlatch the six numbered doors and windows. The surprise is that they will discover colorful animal friends underneath.

This toy is built to last for endless latching and learning as it features full-sized brass latches and hinges securely attached to sturdy wooden doors. You will find that each numbered and brightly colored panel opens to reveal a matching number of animals in corresponding colors such as:

  • One purple Pony
  • Two blue Dogs
  • Three yellow Cats
  • Four red Rabbits
  • Five green Frogs
  • Six orange Fish
How it will help your kids?

Kids will be able to find shapes and patterns which are filled with details such as polka-dot curtains, round windows and rectangle doors. They will discover so many things that will enrich their growth.

Furthermore, this Latches Wooden Activity Board is a hands-on way to develop both physical and cognitive skills. You will find that the moving latches and doors build fine motor skills and coordination. Your kids will be able to develop their counting skills too.

The shaped doors and windows are brightly painted. The labeled colored animals underneath help teach colors, shapes and word recognition.

So, don’t hesitate to gift your child this Latches Wooden Activity Board now.

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Barbie Hello Dreamhouse – Great Playset For Girls

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse For Your Daughter

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is a great gift for any girl. In fact, it is every girl’s dream to have Barbie Dolls, then why not get your daughter a beautiful Barbie Hello Dreamhouse. She wants to take care of them as one takes care of a baby. In other words, she wants to imitate her mother.
Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

So, if you give your daughter a Barbie Doll, she will dress her up with nice and colorful clothes. She will make sure that she makes her Barbie Doll looks very beautiful. In fact, she takes herself into the Fairy Tales where there is a princess who has all the luxury needed. So, she will enjoy while creating and living in her own dream.

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse – The Luxurious One

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse you are seeing above featuresinteractive and customization options. It is an absolute dream for girls to have a dreamhouse like this. In fact, girls can personalize the two-storey house in both digital and physical ways for classic play and high-tech fun. The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Companion app allows customization of sounds throughout the smarthouse.

You will find a hallway, kitchen and living room on the first floor. There are a bathroom, bedroom and office on the second one. There is also a motorized elevator and staircase that morphs into a slide in order to send Barbie Doll and her friends up and down between the floors. Please note that the doll is sold separately. The girls can arrange and rearrange the spaces to tell all kinds of stories. They will have great fun.

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Can Be Customized With Your Own Sounds

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse


You can change the sounds in each play space easily by using the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Companion app. Just pick a sound for any of the 15 locations throughout the house or record your own. In order to go back to the original sounds, you just have to say “Use the original sounds” and it’s done.

Check out this amazing YouTube Video to have an idea about how this Barbie Hello Dreamhouse functions. You will be surprised. It is so amazing.

The Hello Dreamhouse Companion app has three main features which are as follows:

  • It guides parents through house assembly
  • The Wi-Fi Setup takes parents through the process for connecting Hello Dreamhouse to a Wi-Fi network for voice activation
  • Customize Play allows kids to personalize their experience.

This Dreamhouse involves the recording of the voice data.  You can get more info about it here.

Personalize With Included Furniture And Accessories


The greatest advantage to have this Barbie Hello Dreamhouse for your child is that she will have the chance to explore all sorts of storytelling and creative expression by using the physical accessories. The furniture is designed with modern styles and realistic accessories which are in bright colors in order to add fun to the play.
It consists of the following:
  • A bright pink table and two orange chairs which are so trendy with silvery legs
  • A curved pink couch and translucent pink circle chair
  • A coffee table
  • Vase with flowers
  • Standing vase with plant
  • Two chandeliers
  • Place settings
  • A tablet
  • Vanity items
  • A blanket
  • Pillows

This Barbie Hello Dreamhouse will help your child a lot in her exploration style, expression and storytelling.

Get Your Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Here

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse


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So, how did you find this amazing Barbie Hello Dreamhouse?