top 5 creative toys for toddlers to inspire learning

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Sandra E. David

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top 5 creative toys for toddlers to inspire learning

 I’m Sandra a stay-at-home mama to a 3 year old and  12 month old. I’m currently homeschooling my preschooler in our tiny 500 square foot home. and I want to give my tips on how to encourage a love of learning in your toddler

 I want to give my tips on how to encourage a love of learning in your toddler. and preschoolers when you’re limited on time space and money

 I’ll be talking more about the artistic toys now .I won’t be talking about supplies like markers and paint and crayons. those are super important for artistic learning. I’m gonna be focusing more on actual toys that encourage learning and visual and performing arts

# 1 First Toy On My List Is Musical

this is definitely the noisiest way on my list. but it’s also the one that brings the most joy to my children.

believe it or not playing with musical instruments can actually help boost language and literacy for my toddler. I just let him experiment with the instruments so he can get an idea on how they feel and sound.

he’s discovering that different instruments produce different noises and they require different ways of getting sound out of them

for example

He knows that for a guitar to create sound. he has to strum the strings versus the xylophone where he needs to hit the keys with the mallet for my preschooler.

 I like to take it a step further and teach her about notes and beats.  I’m no expert in teaching kids music so we like to use a great resource on YouTube called prodigies music lessons. this channel teaches kids all about music in an interactive way.

My preschooler loves it she has already learned how she can use her hands to clap out a beat and about music skills

#2 the next toy on my list is animal figures

These are great open-ended toys.

Meaning they can be played with in various ways which foster creativity and imagination in our children.

Animal figures also help kids put their thoughts into words. helping them practice language skills. for my toddler I do some serious vocab work with these animals.

I’ll name them to make their sound. and even match them to similar animals in this book when teaching your toddler’s words. it’s important to be super repetitive in order to reinforce the words in their long-term memories.

for my preschooler, I’ll use them in activities. when I have themed weeks like zoo week for example. but I mostly let her imagination run wild with them I love to see how she tears them with other toys and what story she comes up with on her own.

This kind of independence the plan will encourage her to get creative and come up with ways of entertaining themself.

#3 next up is play-doh modeling clay

play-doh modeling clay is a great sensory experience. that personally keeps both of my kids entertained for a long helps develop little ones fine motor improve writing skills.

think about using their little fingers. especially that pincer grasp to squish and configure the play-doh priming those hand muscles for writing. for my toddler I have to keep a close eye so he doesn’t snap on it.

but he’ll keep himself busy by squishing and inventing. the dough with other toys like he’s doing here with this plastic maker brush it’s also a useful tool in teaching shapes and colors for both of my kids.

but for the most part I just let my preschool or get creative with it sometimes it’s tortillas that she has to roll out sometimes it’s animal mud and sometimes it’s Dino food.

I love watching what she comes up with now. I’m gonna talk about dress up. not only does dressing up sparked kids imaginations it helps build empathy and emotional development.

#4 play food

 Play food has so many learning benefits from fine motor development, visual recognition and life skills.

My toddler is learning a ton of vocabulary when I described to him what type of food it is. I’m cooking it and so on he’s even picking up on the process involved in cooking.

 He’ll take a piece of food and put it into the pan and start shaking it like he’s sautéing. it is so cute.

My preschooler is strengthening her skills. and planning and organization when I asked her to make me a pretend plate of food.

She has to organize the food and dishes the way she wants to use and plans on how she’s going to make it .she’s also learning about different cultures and unique vocabulary like saute and whisk. 

I hope you learned something from this article. live the comment for more improvement. thank you so much for reading this article.


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