5 best outdoor toys for toddlers

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5 best outdoor toys for toddlers

 I think outdoor toys can be a slow investment. You don’t need to buy everything all in one summer.

Hi  I’m Carol a mother of  a 4 & half  and 3 year old amd this is my honest review on this toys. and i own this toys also

You’ll slowly accumulate stuff trust me. and it also does help that one of our kids has a birthday in late spring. so normally for her birthday she does tend to get quite a bit of outdoor toys

I will be leaving links to all of these items down in the image below so you guys can find them.

 I’m here to talk to you all about our favorite outdoor toys and it’s finally getting warmer out here in the Midwest.


# 1 picnic table

The very first thing is this picnic table.

This is something that we use indoor and outdoor. it’s something that I’ll pull in for like birthday parties and stuff So kids have additional seating.

But it is something that we do try and use outdoors as well too and it just provides a really nice place for them to sit down and eat food.

 If we’re outside whether it be breakfast lunch dinner doesn’t matter. and I particularly like this one. because it came with an umbrella and I feel like the umbrella is pretty generous

It’s nice and it’s sturdy just like with a lot of these products this picnic table does wipe up really nicely so even if you’re getting chalk dirt grime food whatever on it I’ve been able to wipe almost everything off of there.

 I don’t know what it is but the girls particularly love sitting at the picnic table. versus like the little table that we have inside. I don’t know maybe it’s just more fun because it’s a picnic table.

But it’s something that I feel like is relatively inexpensive. When it comes to outdoor stuff but it can make a huge difference. because it just allows them to have their own place to sit and do stuff as well.

#2 outdoor Inflatable pool

the next thing is this pool 

now this is something that I spent a lot of time researching before I put on Remy’s wishlist for one of her birthdays. Because I didn’t know that inflatable pools were such a thing that like have polarizing reviews online.

but there are a you know. you can find bad reviews for anything. but this looked like the most fun and this company does make several different versions of this

Our neighbor a couple houses down have like a candy version. I’ve seen dinosaur versions, I’ve seen literally any and all versions this  Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center company does come out with a really cute ones regardles

 We have really enjoyed this pool. because it’s allowed them to have that kind of pool experience without it being like especially deep or anything like that.

You know they don’t get bored because there is a slide there’s other things to do it’s got little things on it to make it interesting

 I read a lot of reviews about people saying that it popped on them and stuff like that.

 we put a very thick very thick tarp underneath of our pole outside to kind of avoid that. so far we haven’t had any issues like I said the tarp is super thick so I couldn’t imagine anything piercing that tarp and let alone piercing the pool.

#3 ReunionG Folding Slide for Kids

the next thing is this slide

This is something that has become just as much of an indoor toy as it is an outdoor toy. but we did get it with the intentions to be outdoors.  it’s just a basic simple slide.

I will say it can handle a ton by my girls many times. and the super rough on their toys. I think it’s only like right now on Amazon.

 it’s only like $60.00 and this thing does really well for a $60 toy and all the abuse that it gets. but it’s something that’s super simple that you know I feel like me as a parent

#4 Little Tikes Fun Zone Dual Twister

dual twister we got this one year for mommy’s birthday for her. and I’m so glad we did I had one of these growing up. but it was not intended for two people.

 I mean my sister definitely didn’t make it a two-person kind of twister. but the one I had was much smaller than this it wasn’t very well made either.

I remember it being one of my favorite toys. I will say that it does pose the situation of fighting and arguments and not sharing. but I mean I have two girls so I experienced that with almost everything.

I’m pretty used to it. but I liked it because it could allow both of them on it. but at the same time. if one of them is on it it’s not like. it’s harder to spin or anything like that.

now the reason why this could also be an outdoor toy.  it actually does come with a sprinkler aspect as well if you want it to so there’s like a little hose at the bottom of it that you would attach your own garden hose to.

# 5 besrey Tricycle 4 in 1 for 1 to 6 year old

my mom actually gave this to me. and she found it through somebody who didn’t need it anymore and I honestly didn’t think it’d get as much use as it did.

I was just like okay thank you but it is something that my kids argue over so much that’s how much they enjoy it and I like it also.

because it has a lot of different stages. it’s one of those bikes that can be as much as you need it to be or not. and I also like that it does have the handlebars for parents. because we’re able to take this on walks. that might be on the road or someplace.

that I wouldn’t necessarily want her to have full control. so for that reason we’ve really enjoyed it a lot of the time.

you know if we’re walking somewhere let her have control. but if she starts to be a little crazy you can grab those hand apart as if you’re in control.

so it’s something that I think it’s a little bit more expensive. I think these things can be around $75 ish. but honestly it’s something that you can use there are a lot of ages over a lot of years .

# 6 Little Tikes Cozy Coupe car

The another mom favorite. when I was a kid and that is the little tikes car and also the little accessory gas station to go with it.

 I remember from my childhood. I spent forever in that car. I love driving around in it. I love pretending to be able to drive. I believe the car that I had wasn’t this one exactly. lol

because I think mine had a trunk. and I was able to stick my little sister in it a lot of the time. but I do know that I had a gas station and we had a play car and stuff like that. 

I just thruely enjoyed it. and my kids have as well the gas station is super cute. I didn’t know how much that would get played with.

but now she can understand like the basic concept of a real car. she does understand that cars need gas so now she has a lot of fun pretending to go to the gas station and fill up.

nothing has ever came off of that car it hasn’t broken in the slightest or anything like that and the gas station as well it. both of them have been a really great addition to our outdoor toys.

I hope you learned something from this article. live the comment for more improvement. thank you so much for reading this article.

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