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Veronica M. Scoville

Veronica M. Scoville

Urbandale, IA 50322

Hi guys I have some yookidoo bath toy to review for you. I have a couple of kids I have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-oldthis company yookidoo sent us a couple of bath toys. and my kids went crazy for them. they absolutely love them. they are super fun toys.  

they are great for learning. and they help with fine motor skills and sort of figuring things out and whatnot.

they’re very well constructed we’ve just really been enjoying them.I’m really happy with them and the kids who love them.

it’s like nearly impossible to get Jun (my kid ) out of the bathtub. so I think they have 4 of them. but I have 2 of them so I will tell you the 2 that I have.I know that each one is directed at a different age group.

I really want to see this video first. then you can easily understand what i am explaining you.

explain about yookidoo bath toy

this battery-operated bath toy comes with a pout that draws water from the tub to create an endless stream of water.

you’ll need three double A batteries which are not included. If kids hold their finger underneath the spout. it turns into a sprinkler.

Is really nice. because I don’t know. if it’s just my kids but they love to have the running water. as soon as I turn the water off they get very sad. they just love to pour water back and forth and they love this continuous stream of water. which is so nice.

it’s over the 3 years to make them spin the gear shapes. shapes can also be removed. So that kids can practice matching colors and shapes with them.

the 3 bath cups feature smiley faces in different water effects. such as a strainer ,a spinning propeller wheel and a water activated peekaboo character.(that pops up when the cup is filled with water)

all three cups nest and can be stacked and stored in the rotating holder. kids alike splashing around in the tub with this toy. and discovering all the different water activities. 

This toy promotes the development of fine motor skills. Also promote the acceptance of bathtime especially by kids who are reluctant bathers. 

it’s for ages 9 months to 3 year and would be a fun addition to bath time.

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