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hello everyone my name is Sun feng¬†and today I’m gonna answer the question.¬†that I’ve been asked most on YouTube and¬†across all my social medias.¬†which is !¬†what is my how to train your dragon toys favorite dragon ?

people ask me this in the comment section doing live streams. and I have answered it many times. but people still seem to ask. so I decided to do a video & blog about it. I have made a best 10 of my absolute favourite dragons into How to Train Your Dragon universe.

I’m not gonna be including¬†toothless or night Furies in this list¬†because they will be the clear winner

toothless has a pretty incredible design¬†and it would be the clear winner without¬†a doubt.¬†he is both very realistic and he¬†is also very cute at the same time.¬†and¬†not to mention completely unique so he’s¬†definitely not gonna be ranked here.¬†because he would be number one.

# 10 scauldron dragon

How to train your Dragon (

About Scauldron

this scauldron the skeleton¬†is a titled class dragon. and it’s my¬†favorite type of class dragon. it is a¬†very large dragon one of the largest¬†title of class dragons.

It can grow to be larger than a blue whale. I over all like their appearance. they have a big body that kind of reminds you of the Loch Ness monster or please you a swords from the prehistoric times.

they’re really unique¬†appearance. and their amazing ability to¬†boil of water and just strumming it and¬†spew it out at you.¬†it’s just very¬†different from other dragons which has¬†fire press twice breath.

this is a dragon but I should just use water to its advantage. which is something I can really appreciate. and I just liked the overall wings of it has some whale features.

As these tiny legs which¬†are super cute. and this tail is very¬†beautiful.¬†so it’s just a dragon that I find¬†overall very appealing.

# 9 Red Death

How to Train Your Dragon toys red death

About Red Death dragon

red death which is the big and¬†colossal nest Queen dragon of the first¬†movie.I like this dragon because it’s¬†again of a unique looking dragon.¬†

its face is very distinctive. it has these six eyes and this crown of bone structure on his head. and its mouth is very radically shaped. it has a really unique expression to it. and it has these amazing long sharp teeth.

it just looks absolutely terrifying and amazing at the same time. it is also one of the largest dragons the connection to fly. and that we see fly in the movies which is a really impressive sight. because this dragon is humongous.

I think this¬†dragon has it all and I really like¬†durable construction of it. and¬†it’s very rough looking. and it just¬†really goes right a well. I would being¬†this big bad Queen. that’s just in charge¬†of everything. so I really like the¬†design of the Red Death. I think it’s a¬†very good one.

# 8 skrill

about skrill dragon

I am quite familiar with a lot of you¬†guys loving this skrill. it is a fan¬†favorite dragon. and so you might be¬†wondering why it’s kind of low on the¬†list.

Well I like a skrill. I think the¬†skrill has an overall really amazing¬†design. the one thing I don’t like about¬†is the phase tend to be a bit derpy.¬†because the eyes are so far out on its¬†skull. they’re like right next to the¬†nose. so just have this really long hit.

¬†It does make them look unique. but it¬†also makes it a little bit disturbing.¬†especially when the minutes come to the¬† can make a dragon look kind of not¬†that intelligent. even though the¬†skrill are amongst the most¬†intelligent dragons. there’s just a¬†normal composition of this dragon.

# 7 stormcutter

About stormcutter

storm cutter is also a very unique¬†dragon. because it has four wings a very¬†unique face it almost looks like it has¬†a beak.¬†I love birds and especially owls.¬† so¬†that’s right up my alley and it’s just¬†an overall really amazing dragon.

moves incredibly in the sky  and has these four wings to manure and do barrel rolls in very impressive ways. ways so I just think the stormcutter is composed of some really amazing parts.

the tail it’s wonderful so it just has a¬†lot of different compositions. and a lot¬†of different a mix of a lot of different¬†things. that I really enjoy so that’s why¬†I like stormcutter.

# 6 deathgripper

About deathgripper

the deathgripper from¬†the new dragons from¬†the world. I also have found this dragon¬†in the beginning. I really don’t like¬†this one. I didn’t like the pincers. I¬†didn’t like the Stinger on his tail. I¬†thought it look like a scorpion Lobster.

because I can see their uses for the Dragons front of death. forever so grab on to you with those things the Stinger.

I’m¬†kind of okay when it comes to dragon¬†coating venom inside. but sting¬†a little make sense way to have it. but¬†what really sold it for me was the wide¬†wings on this dragon.

dragon the coloration¬†looks amazing and its face is really¬†interesting. because it’s a dragon¬†that’s supposed to be really¬†terrifying. but on most times it actually¬†has a very cute expression on its face a¬†very unaware expression. that is just you¬†know like a little kid inside.

I really enjoy that about this dragon that it has so many different features on it it makes. it kind of uncanny and that can be both overwhelming. but also quite appealing.

so I think the death grabber is a very interesting. and you need to sign that I have grown to really love..

# 5 deathsong

About deathsong

Although deceptively beautiful in look and melody, the Death Song has a deadly quality that’s reminiscent of the Black Widow. 

Inhabiting a lush island past the archipelago, this dragon vocalizes its beautiful and hypnotic siren call so as to lure other dragons, which it subsequently targets as prey.

 As opposed to using fire to attack, the Death Song shoots out a liquid substance which traps and keeps victims as it hardens to a rigid amber cocoon that’s penetrable only by flame.

 Its key weaknesses are Thunderdrums, which find themselves largely immune because of the Death Song’s deadly lullaby as a result of poor hearing, and small enclosed spaces that could render it vulnerable to its own tune.

the death song the test song is in my opinion one of the most beautiful dragons. because it has these big butterfly like wings that are just really colorful and very impressive to look.

the dragon is quite deadly it even feeds on other dragons. and traps them in amber and then feeds on them when it gets hungry.

it’s very vicious dragon. but it’s also quite intelligent to be able to do this. you can make a song. that can attract other dragons to its nest. and then trap them and eat them. I think that’s some really powerful features for Dragon to have some really powerful skills.

that makes me more interested in this dragon. because it is a cruel dragon. you can argue .that it’s very cruel but I’m still thinking that makes it very impressive. as well I can find some beauty in the destructive behavior of this dragon.


# 4 razorwhip

about razorwhip

when I first saw the razorwhip. it was first featured in the Netflix series race to the edge.

I was very baffled. because I thought it¬†looked completely strange. it looked like¬†an armored horse creature. and couldn’t¬†even make sense. that it was actually a¬†dragon. but the more I learned about it.¬†the more I looked at it the overall body¬†of it I really fell in love with this¬†dragon.

because this dragon is armored¬†from the snout to detail in these thick¬†plates of silvery scales. and I think¬†it’s absolutely stunning.

so practical and use because the race the web is really protected from any attack. if all dragon fireproof this dragon is super fireproof with that thick armor on it.

# 3 rumblehorn

about Rumblehorn

the rumble born we got skull crusher on number 3 I really enjoyed this dragon.

I find it kind of creepy. because it¬†looks a little bit like a beetle. because¬†of the heavy armored plates on it. I¬†don’t know what it is about the rumble¬†board. but I just love it¬†images the name is so adorable. the¬†rumblehorn just listen to that it’s¬†supposed to be quantifying possibly.

because it makes a rumble and is running¬†towards you. it’s a big horns .but I just¬†find it super adorable and I like the¬†look of this dragon. because again it is¬†super terrifying. if you just take a look¬†at it can look very menacing. it’s a big¬†and very bulky dragon.

but then if you¬†get to know it it’s just really like¬†cute obedient proud little creature¬†skull crusher. its a very amazing example¬†of this. which is a very loyal and just¬†adorable dragon. so I just think it’s a¬†little cute and amazing and badass¬†dragon. that I very much enjoy.

# 2 scuttleclaw

about Scuttleclaw

scuttleclaw the skull of claw is very close to the deadlyNadder. but to me it is called claw is that much more cute and that much more cuddly.

because it¬†doesn’t have these huge spikes .it has¬†these kind of flaps on the top of his¬†head and down its spine. instead which¬†looks very cute and the scholar claw is¬†also kind of a mystery. because I don’t¬†believe any of us has seen an adult¬†scholar claw.¬†

claw we’ve only seen the babies.¬†and the babies are very big. they’re very¬†large. so it tells that the adults¬†discover claw would possibly be a very¬†large dragon. very vast creature. and¬†that’s something interesting mystery¬†always adds a little bit more depth to¬†distractions .

# 1

# 1 is your choise leave a comment below for it. your gess i will add on it. have a nice day.

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