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I give some more tips and tricks on how to collect best Funko pops and .maybe give some more details to those newer collectors that are out there.

 Basically on this article we’re gonna talk about what are best Funko pops. what’s the high fall about what are the different types off funko  pops. we’re gonna cover all thatin this article.

 so let’s go ahead and dive into it right now

What is a Funko pop

 The best way. that I can describe Funko pops.  they are a 3 to 4 inch vinyl figure. that basically come sin a little box. and pretty much anything related to pop culture has the potential of being a Funko pop.

 Now a couple of different examples of the different types of Funko pop. so that there are or the different lines to collect. number one there are movies, 

there’s also games television, there’s also Disney, Marvel, there’s also DC which is the hero’s line and there’s many others that are basically part of these different lines of Funko pops to collect.

these different types of Funko pops and series basically. and everything they come insets. for example. let’s take the stranger things pop right here. so this is hopper from the stranger things set or series of pops. 

you can look on the back here in of that set of Funko pops. there are  s couple of different characters. like eleven, Jonathan, Brenner and also Nancy. so that is an example of different sets of Funko pops of different lines and everything. 

so of the stranger things set there could be up to like. maybe this specific set like around five pots but if the whole stranger things line there could be up to twenty thirty maybe even like forty or fifty pops. so that just gives you a little bit of example of that.

 where you can buy Exclusives best Funko pops 

 now let’s talk about exclusives kind of where you can buy best Funko pops and where they are available

there are a ton of different stores that sell Funko  pops. some of the main ones that I go to and that are the most popular I’ll read off a list right here so you’ve got. HotTopic, Barnes & Noble, GameStop, Target, FYE, box lunch, Walmart and even Walgreens.

those are some of the most popular places to buy Funko pops.

 at least that I buy my pops from. so when you go into these stores they have different price ranges on how much they charge for their Funko pops. so they can be from anywhere from 8 to 15 dollars. 

and now that can range from a common Funko pop to an exclusive. so each of these stores that I mentioned sometimes can get their own exclusive Funko pops that area part of certain lines or certain series of pops.

examples of different exclusives best funko pop

 let’s give you a couple of examples of different exclusives that you can get the stores. right here we have

 FYE exclusives

Walmart exclusives

 game saw Exclusives

box lunch Exclusives

 Barnes Noble Exclusives

 Hot Topic Exclusives

 Target Exclusives

Walgreens Exclusives

H.T. Exclusive

 so right there are just a couple examples of the different store exclusives that you can find. specifically in those stores where you can buy Funko pops.

 obviously you can buy common pops from there as well. another thing that you need to look out for is sometimes online.

where you can buy Exclusives best Funko pop online

 they’ll have exclusives as well so some of the too popular things that come to mind. when you buy things online is like Amazon and the Funko shop as well. 

which Is basically Funko’s website for selling their own pops. so to give you a couple of examples of maybe a Amazon exclusive pop here’s one of those right there.

Amazon exclusive funko pop

Funko shop exclusive funko pop

 and also a pop that is exclusive to the Funko shop. that gives you a good example of the stores that sell Funko pops. 

 the possibilities they can get certain exclusives at stores. I go in a little bit more a depth of my favorite places to buy Funko pops from up. 

About chase funko pops

next something that I want to cover is chase Funko pops and different types and variations of Funko pops themselves. 

the best way that I can describe a chase. what a chase is a variant of the common of a funko pop. basically and occasionally for certain common pops they will have a chase version or a chase variant of that pop. 

and so it said when it comes in a box of six pops one out of every six pop is a chase. now not every common pop has a chase attached to it only certain ones. 

let me give you an example of a chase pop that I own. And I can show you the difference between that and the common. so right here we have the chase version of 11 with a goes from stranger things.

eleven eggos funko pops

usually it would chase variants sometimes there’s a lot different to the pops. sometimes there’s not a whole lot different as you can tell in this one 11 is wearing her blonde wig. 

 that’s what makes it a chase variant.

 some people in the pop community and then the Funko world in general say that these are harder to find. I mean they’re not necessarily common you don’t see them every single day.

 they’re starting to make a lot more chases. but they’re somewhat of a rare pop. so if you’re into that kind of stuff chases are pretty cool. if you’re ever curious about the best ways or the best places to find Chase Funko pops.

 I did do a article about that a while back so if you want a bit a little bit more of an explanation on how to help with Chase Funko pops go ahead and read that article after this one. 

then a couple of other different pops that you can see when you’re going around Funko pop hunting or looking for Funko pops in general.

when you're going around Funko pop hunting

 glow-in-the-dark Funko pops

flocked Funko pops

scented Funko pops

2 packs  

6inch fucko pop

super-sized10-inch pops

couple of other ones that I’d like to mention or to point out that.

 I know that are a little bit different enough from what I’ve seen there are convention exclusive pops. px previews pops. Funko specialty series .

limited number or limited piece Funko pops a good example of one would be something like this which is the Iron Man mark 1

Iron Man mark 1

 you can see right there it has an exclusive sticker. that says it’s a summer convention exclusive.

so it was exclusive to this past year San Diego comic-con. this right here in is an example of a px previous funko pop.

 px previous funko pop

 so this can be more commonly found in like your local comic book shops and everything and like local hobby centers basically. 

another one that can be sold at like a local comic book store or like a local hobby center. 

could be your Funko specialty series local retailers online as well where you will find the Funko specialty series.

 this is an example of a limited number or limited piece Funko pop this was sold last Christmas on the funko shop

funko shop limited edition

and you can see as a sticker right there that it is only 3,000 pieces of this made. so this is just an example of pop that I picked up last Christmas.

 that they had available on the Funko shop. and that is basically myarticle  guide to new Funko pop collectors. we kind of over went all the different types of Funko pops.

 as well and kind of the things that you should be aware of if you guys are interested to see more article. know in the comments below comment down below is something that you would like to see.

 if there’s something that you’re not 100%sure about or something that you would like to know more about with the whole Funko pop collecting.

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