3 best yoyo for professional player’s

George A. Morgan

George A. Morgan

# 1 YoYoFactory Shutter Professional Trick YoYo

Something Interesting About Shutter YOYO

This one’s an important best yoyo as a big evolution in performance, design quality of spin and it used to win many national titles, and I believe in a world title, and it’s called the shutter. 


 It’s the signature model of Gentry stein. What’s great about this one. So it got really wide. It’s really difficult to make a wide yoyo spin smooth. 

So the technology and the care, and the material quality is critical. 


So to get that to the spin right takes a lot of attention detail. and then one of the big breakthroughs to get that kind of attention to detail. 


previously would have been 100 or 250 dollars for a yoyo like that and. so this broke the price barrier and got it down into the 50 dollar range

  • TECHNICALLY BEAUTIFUL DESIGN AND ELEGANT PERFORMANCE – The design’s even weight distribution and speed/power allow for control through long technical combinations and flashy performances.
  • THE CHOICE A 4X CHAMPIONSHIP, GENTRY STEIN COLLECTION – The Shutter is the “signature” model of a four-time USA National Champion and 2014 World Champion Gentry Stein!
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION AND EASY ASSEMBLY – Each of our yoyos are built with Aluminum to allow it to take a beating; YoYos are meant to be fun. Each “take apart design” will allow you to quickly untangle it when you have to reset.
  • BUILT TO PERFORM THE POWERFUL MODERN TRICKS – Built to be used in most modern tricks and styles, our Yoyo’s are made for the hobbyist to the modern yoyoer. You may practice your loops tricks all you desire!
  • Yoyofactory CHAMPIONSHIP DESIGNS- Used by world champions, we pride ourselves on producing excellent yoyos for everyone, beginners, hobbits and professionals alike keep coming back for our award-winning layouts.. 
  • Yoyo’s are a fun solution to perform when you’re just sitting and relaxing around!

# 2 Gentry Stein Signature YoYo (Galaxy)

Gentry Stein Signature best YoYo (Galaxy)
  • Gentry Stein Signature yoyo
  • Gentry Stein has now sold over 100,000 signature yoyos making him the most successful professional player to endorse a yoyo in the modern age.
  • This is his signature portrait from the first specifications.
  • Weight: 66.2g/2.34oz

# 3 Bi Metal Shutter Yo-Yo

YoYoFactory Bi Metal Shutter best YoYo-min
  • Rim weighted highly agile super stable shutter. Powerful. Gentry was impressed.
  • Material:6061 Aluminum w/ Stainless Steel Rims
  • Weight:65.01 grams
  • Gentry Stein Signature Yo-Yo!

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