Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset – Great For Girls

Enjoy With Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset

Barbie Beauty Salon and Doll Playset is here. Another great addition to your Barbie collections. Look at the picture below how this set looks interesting and your kids will love to have fun with it along with their friends. It is great for girls from ages 5 to 7 years old.

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset – Brunette

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset
Get ready to give your Barbie doll a glittery makeover at this glamorous beauty salon. Your girls will be busy styling their Barbie doll’s hair by adding glitter to it, wash it out at the working sink and then styling it again in their own way.

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset

Melissa and Doug

This Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset comes along with:

  • A cool glitter comb.  The handle holds the glitter which in return allows the young stylists to add sparkle to one section of hair or all over glitter for a special occasion.
  • A designed white and pink vanity which has a real working silvering sink that pumps water and soapy foam. You just have to add some soap and water to the container within the cabinet to wash up Barbie doll’s hair. 
  • A sleek shelf to display the accessories such as shampoo bottle, spray bottle, flat iron, a hair dryer, and comb.
  • A giant mirror and purple chair on which your Barbie doll can sit to get started.

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset

Royal Albert Canada


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You will find that in this Barbie Beauty Salon & Doll Playset, the Barbie doll is dressed in a trendy dress with chic black bodice and trendy print on the skirt. Her hair looks fabulous with the pink accent. New hairstyles and new looks can be explored



What is in the Box?

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset
You will get the following if you buy this Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset:

  • Barbie doll wearing fashion and shoes
  • Salon vanity with mirror and working foam sink
  • Salon chair
  • Glitter comb with silvery glitter
  • A blow dryer
  • Hair spray bottle
  • Shampoo bottle
  • Water cup
  • Comb

 Get Your Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset Here

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset
Barbie Beauty Salon & Doll – Brunette

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