Barbie Fashionistas Doll – The Latest Trends

Barbie Fashionistas Doll

Barbie Fashionistas Doll 54 Tutu Cool – Petite

Barbie Fashionistas Doll is the one which has her own look and style. Those who are fond of collecting Barbie Dolls should not miss this Barbie Fashionistas Doll 54 Tutu Cool. Her look and style is from casually cool to boho bold.

Barbie Fashionistas Doll

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You will find that there are more variety in styles, fashions, shoes and accessories. Kids will have more ways to spark their imaginations and play out their stories.

Barbie Fashionistas Doll – Review

Barbie Doll looks cute with its fashionable clothes and accessories. Here, she is wearing a beautiful black and white striped tee sporting a heart decal with a pink skirt with tulle layer on top. Her purple statement necklace makes a glamorous accessory and her black cut-out booties are so cool. 

You will find that her purple hair hangs in trendy loose waves to complete her fabulous look. The girls can find their styles and play out their stories. This Barbie Doll here is great to have more fun with. 

Barbie Fashionistas Doll

Barbie Fashionistas Doll In Today’s Teen Trends

Yes, Barbie is in today’s teen trends. Her accessories are so beautiful. Just have a look at her black cut-out booties. It’s amazing, isn’t it?
Barbie Fashionistas Doll
The Fabulous Barbie Doll
Look at her. She looks so beautiful. You can’t miss to add it in your Barbie Collection. So, don’t hesitate and get it here. You will get it at an affordable price.

Barbie Fashionistas Doll

Barbie Fashionistas Doll As Gift
Barbie Fashionistas Doll

This Doll is great to be given as gift to kids whether it is for their birthdays or on any other occasion. It is made for girls of 3 years old and up.

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Barbie Doll Collections As Gifts

Barbie Doll Collections

Barbie Doll Collections For Barbie Lovers

Barbie Doll Collections are here. If you are a Barbie lover, then you will definitely love the Barbie Dolls which I am going to present to you here. There are so many Barbie Dolls available such as Barbie Mariposa, Barbie Look Collector Dolls, Barbie In Her Wedding Gown, Barbie Look Doll in Fashionable Outfits, Barbie Dolls Christmas Ornaments, Barbie Doll In Indian Outfits,  and more.

Barbie Doll Collections
Barbie Doll Collections For Barbie Collectors

If you are a Barbie Collector, then you will definitely want to get all the Barbie Dolls to update your Collections. The Barbie Dolls which I am going to share with you here are Barbie in her glamorous outfits along with her accessories. You will be amazed by them. They are great to be given away or for your own collections. They are for girls of all ages.

Barbie 2016 Holiday Doll – Aqua Gown BUY NOW

Barbie In Colorful Clothes

Here, you will find Barbie in colorful clothes which makes her look more beautiful. You can either display her on your shelves or on your bedside table. There are so many fashionable and amazing Barbie Dolls to inspire kids. You can get from Barbie Birthday Wishes Dolls to Barbie Careers. Not to miss also Barbie Fashionistas and Barbie Fashion Pink Carpet Chic which are appreciated by most girls. When the girls play with Barbie, they can imagine themselves in any career they wish to whether it is Artist, Barbie Bakery Owner, Spaghetti ChefDoctor, Pilot, Skateboarder or a Fairy Princess.
Barbie Film Director BUY NOW
Barbie Eye Doctor BUY NOW
Barbie In Fashionable Outfits
Barbie looks great in any outfits especially when she is adorned with her beautiful jewelries. In fact, Barbie Doll is the perfect gift to commemorate any occasion. Bring expression and creativity in your world of Barbie and get her ready in any of the amazing outfits


Barbie Bride Doll BUY NOW

So, how did you find these Barbie Dolls?

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse – Great Playset For Girls

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse For Your Daughter

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is a great gift for any girl. In fact, it is every girl’s dream to have Barbie Dolls, then why not get your daughter a beautiful Barbie Hello Dreamhouse. She wants to take care of them as one takes care of a baby. In other words, she wants to imitate her mother.
Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

So, if you give your daughter a Barbie Doll, she will dress her up with nice and colorful clothes. She will make sure that she makes her Barbie Doll looks very beautiful. In fact, she takes herself into the Fairy Tales where there is a princess who has all the luxury needed. So, she will enjoy while creating and living in her own dream.

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse – The Luxurious One

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse you are seeing above featuresinteractive and customization options. It is an absolute dream for girls to have a dreamhouse like this. In fact, girls can personalize the two-storey house in both digital and physical ways for classic play and high-tech fun. The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Companion app allows customization of sounds throughout the smarthouse.

You will find a hallway, kitchen and living room on the first floor. There are a bathroom, bedroom and office on the second one. There is also a motorized elevator and staircase that morphs into a slide in order to send Barbie Doll and her friends up and down between the floors. Please note that the doll is sold separately. The girls can arrange and rearrange the spaces to tell all kinds of stories. They will have great fun.

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Can Be Customized With Your Own Sounds

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse


You can change the sounds in each play space easily by using the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Companion app. Just pick a sound for any of the 15 locations throughout the house or record your own. In order to go back to the original sounds, you just have to say “Use the original sounds” and it’s done.

Check out this amazing YouTube Video to have an idea about how this Barbie Hello Dreamhouse functions. You will be surprised. It is so amazing.

The Hello Dreamhouse Companion app has three main features which are as follows:

  • It guides parents through house assembly
  • The Wi-Fi Setup takes parents through the process for connecting Hello Dreamhouse to a Wi-Fi network for voice activation
  • Customize Play allows kids to personalize their experience.

This Dreamhouse involves the recording of the voice data.  You can get more info about it here.

Personalize With Included Furniture And Accessories


The greatest advantage to have this Barbie Hello Dreamhouse for your child is that she will have the chance to explore all sorts of storytelling and creative expression by using the physical accessories. The furniture is designed with modern styles and realistic accessories which are in bright colors in order to add fun to the play.
It consists of the following:
  • A bright pink table and two orange chairs which are so trendy with silvery legs
  • A curved pink couch and translucent pink circle chair
  • A coffee table
  • Vase with flowers
  • Standing vase with plant
  • Two chandeliers
  • Place settings
  • A tablet
  • Vanity items
  • A blanket
  • Pillows

This Barbie Hello Dreamhouse will help your child a lot in her exploration style, expression and storytelling.

Get Your Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Here

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse


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So, how did you find this amazing Barbie Hello Dreamhouse?

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset – Great For Girls

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset

Enjoy With Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset

Barbie Beauty Salon and Doll Playset is here. Another great addition to your Barbie collections. Look at the picture below how this set looks interesting and your kids will love to have fun with it along with their friends. It is great for girls from ages 5 to 7 years old.

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset – Brunette

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset
Get ready to give your Barbie doll a glittery makeover at this glamorous beauty salon. Your girls will be busy styling their Barbie doll’s hair by adding glitter to it, wash it out at the working sink and then styling it again in their own way.

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset

This Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset comes along with:

  • A cool glitter comb.  The handle holds the glitter which in return allows the young stylists to add sparkle to one section of hair or all over glitter for a special occasion.
  • A designed white and pink vanity which has a real working silvering sink that pumps water and soapy foam. You just have to add some soap and water to the container within the cabinet to wash up Barbie doll’s hair. 
  • A sleek shelf to display the accessories such as shampoo bottle, spray bottle, flat iron, a hair dryer, and comb.
  • A giant mirror and purple chair on which your Barbie doll can sit to get started.

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset


You will find that in this Barbie Beauty Salon & Doll Playset, the Barbie doll is dressed in a trendy dress with chic black bodice and trendy print on the skirt. Her hair looks fabulous with the pink accent. New hairstyles and new looks can be explored


What is in the Box?

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset
You will get the following if you buy this Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset:

  • Barbie doll wearing fashion and shoes
  • Salon vanity with mirror and working foam sink
  • Salon chair
  • Glitter comb with silvery glitter
  • A blow dryer
  • Hair spray bottle
  • Shampoo bottle
  • Water cup
  • Comb

 Get Your Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset Here

Barbie Beauty Salon And Doll Playset
Barbie Beauty Salon & Doll – Brunette

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